4M Bell Tent

The smallest bell that we offer but by no means less special.

This tent is ideal for the smaller garden for up to 4 guests to sleep in.

Or for 2 or 4 people to share at a large event.

This tent will require approximately 6m diameter of grass to pitch on.

This bell also has an extra high 2m door way making it much easier to walk in and out.

All bell tents have mosquito nets on the doors and windows and reflective purple guy ropes which are easier to see during the night



5M Bell Tent

This bell tent is our most popular for both sleepover parties and daytime entertaining.

This bell will sleep up to 6 guests for a sleepover party and around 14 for an arts and crafts party.

For larger events we recommend this tent for use as a double or family tent.

We require approximately 7m of grass to pitch this tent.

The 5m bell comes with a 2m high door way to make it much easier to access. It also has reflective purple guy ropes and mosquito nets on the doorway and windows.



7M Bell Tent

This is our largest bell tent and requires a good 9m diameter of grass to pitch.

Inside we can sleep 10 guests for a sleepover party and 20+ for a daytime event.

As with all tents this bell has a zip in groundsheet for extra warmth, reflective purple guy ropes and mosquito nets on the door and windows.